INDEXI - Predaj se, srce -1973

Indexi from Sarajevo one of the first serious Rock bands from the ex-Yugoslavia, and as well one of the biggest and certainly most underrated comparing to Bijelo Dugme or Riblja Corba.Actually, Indexi were strongest in the period between 1967-68 and 1976, when the Yugoslav Rock scene started its explosion.
This single came from 1973, the period of their biggest popularity, and the title track was featured on the Vas Slager Sezone music festival 1973.A classic Pop-Rock track in the best late Indexi style, and the b-side features another touch of their Pop-Rock, but with a more rocking tune.I adore Indexi, so it is obvious I will say; beautiful single.

Predaj se, srce

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INDEXI - Predaj se, srce -1973

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