THE SHADOWS - Running out of world -1967

This is part of a serie that I will post here as a reminder of something very nice from the history of the Yugoslavian music scene. Yugoslavia has a Music magazine called DZUBOKS (phonetically written Jukebox) and in a part of the 60s, this magazine had FLEXI DISCS included in it with tracks or hits actual in the world`s music scene.I have some of these discs (actually, I don`t know how many discs were released) and I am starting with The Shadows.
You all know The Shadows, they were more an instrumental band with those songs using Hank Marvin`s guitar instead of vocals.This song here is one of the few songs The Shadows had with vocals, and what is most important, the song had a Croatian author and was played on a music festival in Split in 1967!So here is this song, for the people from the ex-Yu territory, known better as Beat Na Moru, the cover of this song played by Neno Belan in the 90s.


  1. thanks for this! i used to have this cut on a beat-up lp and i've been looking for it for years. it's one of my favorite guitar solos.