TOM TOM CLUB - Wordy Rappinghood -1981

This is the first big hit from this band leaded by the rhythm section from Talking Heads, bassist Tina Weymouth and her husband, drummer Chris Frantz. The title song is an incredibly catchy song with an infectious rhythm, a perfect hit and one of my all times favourite too. The b-side is an instrumental version of side A, just a filler.

Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood (Live Japan 2009)

Side A
Wordy Rappinghood

Side B
Wordy Rappinghood (instrumental)


YU ROCK MISIJA - Za Milion Godina -1985

This was the Yugoslavian band-aid that was involved in the global Live Aid 1985 project (actually, if you have the Live Aid 1985 quadruple DVD, you can find a bit of the video for this song). It was a really nice song, a lot of ex-yu musicians partecipated in it, and two of them refused- Goran Bregovic and Bora Djordjevic. The b-side is the instrumental version of the song.

Side A
Za Milion Godina

Side B
Za Milion Godina (instrumental)


LULU - Me, The Peaceful Heart -1968

And this is the last flexi-disc from the Dzuboks-collection I have.Here is one of the hits from this UK singer that started in the early 60s, and is still singing. A very nice pop-song.

LULU - Me The Peaceful Heart / To Sir With Love (only sound)


ZDRAVKO COLIC - Druze Tito, Mi Ti Se Kunemo -1980

This single is something you will all wonder about, and older ex-yu inhabitants will remeber well. This single was released a very short time prior to presidents Tito`s death, a death that meant the beginning of the end of Yugoslavia. This song was recorded to be played at Titos birthday, which came a bit too late. I remember me being a 11-year-old boy partecipating at the SLET (a kind of mass dance to celebrate the president`s birthday) in Pula.Well, the a-side has a very memorable song, and the b-side is just another Tito-worshipping song, both sung by the beautiful voice of Zdravko Colic.

Zdravko Colic - Druze Tito, Mi Ti Se Kunemo (slideshow)

Side A
Druze Tito, Mi Ti Se Kunemo

Side B
Titovim Putem



ZAGER AND EVANS - In The Year 2525 -1969

This is a great song, both musically and lyrically.I don`t know much about ZAE, but this is probably a one-hit-wonder.And this is surely a hit.The single I have is the worst sound quality single I have ever heard in my life (not the version you can download here, of course), not because I have a really old copy, but because of the fact that the single sounds like it is made from an old damaged audio tape, unbeliavable (once I get the equipment, I will rip it for you to hear).The b-side is an easy song, very smooth and a nice one, not noticeable as the title track.

ZAGER AND EVANS - In The Year 2525

Side A
In The Year 2525 (Exordium Et Terminus)

Side B
Little Kids

ZAGER AND EVANS - In The Year 2525 -1969 (Italian release)


KATE BUSH - Hammer Horror -1981

Another fine Kate Bush work.Hammer Horror is a sad song done with the well known KB-twist, making it a great and expressive song.The b-side is a strange, but typically Kate Bush song, more than a definition of just a filler.Great single.Great woman.

KATE BUSH - Hammer Horror

KATE BUSH - Coffee Homeground

Side A
Hammer Horror

Side B
Coffee Homeground


CLIFF RICHARD - I`ll Come Runnin` -1967

The next flexi I present to you (one more to go!) comes from the good old Cliff Richard, and his hit from the year 1967, a nice pop song.

CLIFF RICHARD - I`ll Come Runnin` (fanvideo)


GRACE JONES - I`ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango) -1981

This is the breakout single of one of the most erotic female singers in the history of music.I adore Grace, her music, and this is literally a classic.This is as a whole a great single, with her first huge hit on the first side, as for the b-side, Warm Leatherette is the title track of the album, so it is another great tune for this single.Cool stuff!

Grace Jones - I` ve seen that face before (Libertango)

Grace Jones - Warm Leatherette

Side A
I`ve seen that face before (Libertango)

Side B
Warm Leatherette


LIO` - Amoreux Solitaires -1980

This is an ancient single from a one-hit Belgian hottie.Lio` was a teenage star with this very catchy song (if you don`t have a problem with the french language), a melody that should be proclaimed as official pre-school singalong song.The b-side is a more serious one, but in the context of the single, just a filler.The title song is an instant hit!

LIO` - Amoreux Solitaires

Side A
Amoreux Solitaires

Side B
Le Petit Amazone

LIO` - Amoreux Solitaires -1980 (Italian release)


THE DAVE CLARK FIVE - Everybody Knows -1967

Here is a nice typical 60s Pop song from this vocal band, a song that reminds me of, for example, the Shadows vocal songs.This is a short but sweet song of that kind, and if I am not wrong, we got just 2 more flexis to go.Enjoy.

THE DAVE CLARK FIVE - Everybody Knows