ZAGER AND EVANS - In The Year 2525 -1969

This is a great song, both musically and lyrically.I don`t know much about ZAE, but this is probably a one-hit-wonder.And this is surely a hit.The single I have is the worst sound quality single I have ever heard in my life (not the version you can download here, of course), not because I have a really old copy, but because of the fact that the single sounds like it is made from an old damaged audio tape, unbeliavable (once I get the equipment, I will rip it for you to hear).The b-side is an easy song, very smooth and a nice one, not noticeable as the title track.

ZAGER AND EVANS - In The Year 2525

Side A
In The Year 2525 (Exordium Et Terminus)

Side B
Little Kids

ZAGER AND EVANS - In The Year 2525 -1969 (Italian release)