GILLAN - Nightmare -1981

This is a very nice single from one of my all-times favourite singer, and his band I loved a lot.The title track is one of the best tracks from the "Double Trouble" album and surely a great track.The flipside is a live version of the killer track from "Future Shock" recorded live at the Reading Festival in 1981, and one of the songs that remained out of the "Double Trouble" album live selection (for those who don`t know, DT is a double vinyl album featuring one studio album, and a live album recorded at the Reading Festival in 1981.).Oh yeah, the DT album (the studio part) features todays Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers, who replaced Bernie Torme.All in all, an excellent single!

GILLAN - Nightmare

GILLAN - Bite the bullet - live 1982

Side A

Side B
Bite The Bullet (live)

GILLAN - NIGHTMARE -1981 (Yugoslavian release)

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