That is it.The thing, the main idea of this blog is SINGLES , 7 INCH VINYLS.And the thing you see on the pic is a machinery that preceeded the walkman, portable cd player and mp3 player today.This was a portable single vinyl record player (the name in the title is taken from the italian word used for this thing it was called MANGIA (transl: eat) DISCHI (transl:records) , or translated as "record eater".From a net dictionary the definition should be "An analogue electronic device for playing gramophone records."
This is in the inside, so you can easily understand the mechanic part of it.And here is the video to show you how this thing worked:

Well, I used this beautiful thing as an introduction to this music blog.The main star of this blog is his Majesty the 7-inch-single.The most beautiful format of music you could possibly get; short-so you can listen to it all over again, or just listen to it just one time, without putting a whole album on.It was small, so you could easily put it everywhere (that`s why the mangiadischi was a great thing).It was always great, because it often had a hit on one side, and most of the time a b-side that could not be found on any vinyl, except on later compilations.It was part of Jukeboxesthose beautiful machines where you put a coin in, choose the song, press a combination of letters and numbers and..in front of your very eyes, the machine searches the vinyl, pulls it out of its position, put it on a plate, the needle goes on and you watch the record playing in while the whole bar is listening to YOUR chosen song.. Many of you today lost or never felt the joy of playing vinyls on a turntable/grammophone, or jukebox..
With this blog, I want to give a hommage to a certain piece of vinyl that made my life (and it still do) great.The single 7-inch record.I love also 12 inch albums, but the single is special.Truly special.This blog won`t be (as my other blog is) almost completely dedicated to Metal and Punk.This one will be the opposite.There still will be Metal and Punk stuff, but I will be focused on ALL kinds of music, from Folk to Grindcore to Classical.The only thing important here is : THE FORMAT.

Very soon the first posts.

PS: The actual audio tracks will often not be taken directly from the vinyls, but the main story is to remember..
PPS: Oh, and if you want to react to posts you got three boxes to tick down here; the "zabavno" means entertaining , "zanimljivo" means interesting and cool means exactly that. No bad reactions, ok?

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